Wet Rooms & En-Suites

Wet Rooms & En-Suites

Wet rooms can be deceptively simple spaces. Thought, planning and attention to detail are all key to creating a relaxing space where form marries function.

Humans love water and space. No surprise then that more and more of us are choosing that contemporary incarnation of the bathroom – the wet room – when we decide to renovate or redesign. This is a trend driven by architects and their clients alike - even those that usually embrace a more classic aesthetic are getting used to walking on water.

Revamp identifies three reasons why wet rooms are on the rise: speed and efficiency (both in terms of washing oneself and for maintenance of the area), maximising space (particularly when it is limited or awkwardly shaped) and the feeling of freedom created by the lack of boundaries.

Offering such compelling advantages, it’s no surprise that wet rooms are on the increase. Contemplating taking the plunge.


At Revamp Interiors we strive to create the perfect space for our customers, through Design - Customer Participation 

and Years of Experience, creating that something special is what we do.

Supersize space

One of the big advantages of wet rooms is that they create the illusion of more space in even a modest sized bathroom. Doing away with conventional shower screens and trays allows the eye to travel further without interruption. The effect can be enhanced with wall-mounted basin and toilet fittings. 

Privacy please

A wet room is essentially a multi-functional space and can be occupied by more than one person at a time. A wet room can provide more privacy if you set it up so that somebody can use the dry area (such as the toilet or basin) while the wet area (the bath or shower) is separated slightly by either a partition or a screen of some type. Two people could use a wet room quite easily instead of only one in a more conventional bathroom.


One of the greatest advantages of creating a new modern Wetroom nowadays are the advances in product design, finish, style and quality. With much improved tanking and waterproofing methods, a vaster range of shower enclosures, showers, ceramics and bathroom furniture. Creating that designer wetroom is a much more appealing and desirable option.

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