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In amongst the hustle and bustle of work, finding a place to relax and unwind after a busy day can often seem like the impossible dream. However, with a Spa Room conversion you can create your own relaxing spa, featuring your own swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym or sauna, in your property whether for business or personal use.

So, if you’re thinking of converting your spare space into a luxurious spa, here’s what you need to know.

Creating a spa in your property

Converting your spare space into your spa is not only an amazing way to make use of your unused space, but it’s also a great way to add value to your business or home. From swimming pools to saunas, and rainfall showers to mud huts, a spa conversion can offer the perfect area to relax after a long day.

With that in mind, here are a few things you should consider:

  • Showers – If you’re thinking of installing a steam room or sauna in your spa, you’re likely to want a shower nearby to help you cool off. Perhaps a rainfall shower would help to make the experience even more luxurious.
  • Speaker System​ – One of the best things about having your own spa, is that you can control the music. Whether it’s relaxing rainforest sounds while you chill in your steam room, or motivational music if you decide to include a gym area; investing in a quality sound system can make a real difference. Speak to your Revamp Interiors design expert about ensuring that your speakers are waterproof.
  • Mirrors – Not only do mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space and make the room seem brighter, but they are also great for checking your form while exercising, which can help to prevent any injuries if you decide to install a gym area within your spa.

Converting your Spare Space

At Revamp Interiors, we strive to create the perfect space for all of our customers, however there are some structural elements that you should consider when planning your luxury spa.

  • Lighting – In any conversion, lighting is an important factor to think about. Without always being able to take advantage of natural light, you need to think carefully about how to brighten the space. Speak to your Revamp Interiors design team about what lighting options will be best for you and your property.
  • Ventilation – If you’re thinking about including a steam room, shower or an indoor pool in your spa, proper ventilation is important. Luckily, there are a number of different ways to keep the air circulating, so be sure to discuss your options with your Revamp Interiors design engineer. 
  • Flooring – Basements and outbuildings tend to have concrete floors, which are a perfect base for spa conversions as they are easily waterproofed, where as ground floors and upper levels tend to be of timber construction, this is no problem. Again, speak to your Revamp Interiors design team about your requirements and what flooring will be best for you and your property.

If you’re interested in converting your Basement, Garage, Outbuildings or Spare Room into a Luxury Spa, contact the experts at Revamp Interiors today on 07957 451311

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